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Top Five things I want fixed about the Sisters of Battle


1. Inclusion of women of color and queer women.

I shouldn’t have to explain why this is my number one thing I want to see changed, but the fact that there is only one official piece of artwork(thus far that I’ve found) that features a woman of color is at best worrying. Also the fact that there…

There is only room for one thing and that is only war.


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It’s one of my life goals to preach the holy word of Kinder Eggs in America to the people of the world.


VICE: Superpower for Hire: Rise of the Private Military



In the 1970′s the Princeton physicist Gerard O’Neill with the help of NASA Ames Research Center and Stanford University held a series of space colony summer studies which explored the possibilities of humans living in giant orbiting spaceships. Colonies housing about 10,000 people were designed and a number of artistic renderings of the concepts were made.”

From The Public Domain Review, via Boing Boing

Did anybody notice how similar this looks to the space station from the movie Elysium. 

I’ve got a feeling they did that on purpose.

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