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I support the gamer and the gamer is me.


Ladies and gentlemen, may I proudly present the my first of many World Eaters, Apothecary Trius!

On another note, I order 60 mkIII legion marines today with two apothecary. Can’t wait till they get here so i can batch paint.

I will eventually buy 120 more two complete a Company worth of Astartes. pre-heresy Death Guard will be glorious.

While selling my SKS as I live in PA we don’t have to register long-gun rifles/shotguns etc through private sales but some how I still get bullshit questions as to why I want the buyer to transfer ownership to themselves.

I’ll go down the list of why;

1. I don’t trust you.

2. I don’t know you.

3. You are not family or friends even if you like guns doesn’t mean your getting mine.

4. I don’t trust you.

5. I don’t trust anyone.

The list can go on.

And all the cowards in Georgia rejoiced


For they will never have to part with their “uniquely named gun” they call Ole Faithful. Not even in airports, church, or schools!

How great is that now angsty teens will be allowed to carry guns in school worry free. Now instead of having school shootings we can have…

Hey look facts..


When someone makes a Pro-gun control post in the #gun control tag for the first time:

And after people call them out on their BS and expose their factual errors and fallacies:

When they realize tumblr isn’t safe haven for their knee jerk opinions:



I wish I lived in a world that didn’t have guns

this is promoting gun culture

I have a really hard time respecting people who try to use the term “gun culture” negatively and make it sound like “rape culture”.

Up in Arms: Georgia Governor To Sign Controversial Gun Bill Wednesday - NBC News




Or at least not in this state. There’s a difference in owning guns responsibly and enabling anyone and everyone of age from carrying guns anyplace they want.

Not certain if you are aware or not but all persons in Georgia who legally carry firearms have a license to do such.

Wanting to restrict where they can and can’t go based on your arbitrary fears and blatant hoplophobia is very selfish of you.

It’s also quite naive to assume that they don’t “need” to carry guns in certain areas or to do so would be “irresponsible”.

Do you personally carry?  Do you even live in Georgia?